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Yeasayer – Henrietta

20 May

New track from Yeasayer

This week, on Drunken Renovation

2 May

What does every functioning alcoholic and do-it-yourselfer need as a weekend project? A walk-in beer cave of course!

If your parties are less for close friends and more for everyone in your address book, perhaps you can make use of the Brew Cave Walk-In Beer Cooler & Kegerator ($6,350-$6,750). Available with or without a floor, the Beer Cave provides enough room to store over 30 cases of beer and four or more kegs, all in a precisely temperature-controlled room that doubles as a super-sized, single-tap kegerator. A perfect option for your 10,000 sq. ft. party pad.

Cleaning music

29 Mar

Pre Hump-Day Playlist

7 Mar
Kreayshawn vs Jay-Z “Heart Of The Gucci”
Imagine Dragons – Radioactive
XV – Swervin’ Clams Casino Remix

Interactive day drinking excuse

18 Dec

The perfect way to spend your Sunday afternoon drinking away your sorrows. It’s the “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” Drinking Game!

Madden NFL 12 – remix

17 Oct

I thought original Madden commerical narrated by Ben Affleck was funny, then I stumbled across this remake on youtube

Skee-Lo I Wish Tee

29 Sep

Threadless designer C_D_S’s shirt design inspired by Skee-Lo’s classic: I Wish

“With a rabbit in a hat with a bat, a 64 Impala”

Too many Adele remixes!

28 Sep

It seems like a new “Rolling in the Deep” remix” ends up in my inbox everyday. Which one gets your vote?


Adele vs. Ohio Players – Rolling In The Fire (Wick-it Remix)

Adele vs Lloyd (DOSVEC Mashup) “Get It In Deep”

DJ Audio1 x Adele x Vin Roc x Zion I x Jenesis – Rolling In The Deep (Bay Area Jeep Mix)

Divide and kreate – crazy in the deep

Don’t front

28 Sep

Hoot! Night Owl!

28 Sep

I’ve had a few inquires about the wall decor in my apartment, so here ya go. Go and get it!