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Rory vs the Robot

1 Jul

Unbelievable 2-year old trick shot video

18 Feb

Important True Facts

21 Jan

True Facts About the Seahorse

True Facts About Sloths


Bad Lip Reading: The NFL

21 Jan

Acoustic Get Low Cover

30 Nov

Wish this guy performed at my coffee shop

2012 Presidential Debate: The Remix

23 Nov

Check out this hilarious “Bad Lip Reading” of the first 2012 Presidential debate.

Watch This Amazing, 360-Degree Red Bull F1 Video

8 Nov

Check out this interactive 360-degree ride-along video shot from one of  Red Bull’s Formula-1 Race-cars.

 Watch the video here.   

Champions of 2012 DTM

6 Nov

BMW returns as champions of the 2012 DTM season.

Macklemore – Thrift Shop

16 Sep

Another hit from Macklemore: Thrift Shop

Beer Chase

3 Sep

Unique idea for a beer commercial from Carlton Draught